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À la Cart: The Secret Lives of Grocery Shoppers
By Hillary Carlip


In the '90s, when Pammy became one of the most recognized names in porn next to Jenna Jameson, she was blissfully riding the wave of success, not really thinking about the limited career span of a porn star. But when she hit thirty-five, despite her superstar status, no one wanted to hire her, and Pammy was left holding a different kind of sack.

But her porn days were not over. Determined to not only continue on in the industry that embraced her (literally), but also to revolutionize it, Pammy started Silver Foxes Productions, and has made millions of dollars shooting and directing porn films for the senior set. Using only actors above the age of forty, her oldest stud is seventy-five. "Pete might be shrinking in height," Pammy told Adult Industry News, "but definitely not in length!"

Taking the porn biz by storm, Pammy's films -- including Cockoon, Driving Miss Daisy Chain, Oldfinger, and Humpy Old Men -- have won numerous awards from the X-Rated Critic's Organization, and at the last Annual Adult Entertainment Awards in Vegas, Pammy was given the Golden Fist Lifetime Achievement Award.

Currently working on a motivational self-help book based on her success in porn, When Life Gives You Melons, Make Lemonade, Pammy has big plans to open a retirement home for aged porn stars. Using the Motion Picture and Television Fund's retirement community for actors as inspiration, the grounds will include orgy rooms specially outfitted with stainless-steel grab bars for extra support, free monthly on-site cholesterol and STD checkups, and a 250-seat, state-of-the-art theater showing Joan Crawford movie marathons and first-run porn films.

In every interview, Pammy is always asked, "Will you remain behind the scenes, or ever appear in films again?"

"It's only a matter of time," she assures her public.

In fact, she's now in pre-production on the movie that will mark her return. It's called The Cum-Back.



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