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This American Life

Pubished, Produced, or On Their Way
Manhattan Monologue Slam
Sit 'n Spin
Un-Cabaret's Say the Word
Tongue and Groove

Show and Tell
East Side Oral
How To Kick People
Spoken Interludes
Word Nerd

Claudia Lonow
Beth Lapides
Harlyn Aizley
Richard Andreoli
Francesca Lia Block
Rob Bloom
Lisa Cron
Diane Flacks
Greenie Films
Charles Freericks
Lori Gottlieb
Dana Gould
Pamela Holm
Jeff Hopkins
David Israel
Tania Katan
Scott Keneally

Maxine Lapiduss
John Levenstein
Todd Levin
Victoria Looseleaf
Timber Masterson
Elise Miller

Wendy Miller
Carole Murray
Gloria Nagy

Kathy Najimy
Taylor Negron
Alan Olifson
Niya Palmer
J.B. Rabin

Pamela Ribon
Barbara Rushkoff
Alan Safier
Aliza Sherman
Jen Sincero
Joe Smith
Jill Soloway
Sarah Stanley
Lauren Tom
Lan Tran
Marcia Wallace
Elizabeth Warner
Rachel Kramer Bussel

Iris Magazine: : A kick-ass mag devoted to inspiring "thinking young women."
New Pages: News, reviews, information and guides to independent media.
Istanbul Literature Review

One Trick Pony
Literal Latte
Pop Culture

PETTY PETITIONS -- A clever and FUNNY new site to rally support for causes that have little to no consequence in the world.

WRITING PAD -- Gourmet writing classes with inspiring prompts, in-class writes, and tasting plates.

WOW! Women On Writing -- a free online magazine that promotes the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and readers. WOW! features in-depth interviews with authors and industry professionals, writing craft how-to articles, premium market listings for freelance writers, and a quarterly flash fiction contest.

THE OTHER NETWORK WRITER'S ROOM -- How to write funnier, structure a script and build a career. This unique series features in-depth interviews with top writers from 30 Rock, Curb, SNL, Seinfeld, Simpsons, etc. CDs or MP3s to help develop your mad writing skills. Brought to you by FY contributor Beth Lapides and her producing partner Greg Miller.

WRITERS REVEALED -- A live weekly podcast which promotes today's most buzzworthy books & authors. Virtual book clubs, giveaways and live chats – this is not your typical Sunday book review.

MAD AS HELL CLUB -- A site that's a cross between The Nation and Mad Magazine in which essayists and advice columnists write about issues (more social than political) that they find distressing. Chock full o' rants, featuring many FY contributors. Tell Me A Story: Folktales From Around the World, a CD written and produced by FY contributor, Amy Friedman, and read by actors including other contribus Lori Ada Jaroslow (who also directed and co-produced) and Lauren Tom.

Renegade Comedy: Like Fresh, Warm Cookies Right From the Oven … Washed Down With Vodka. A blog from a FY fan.

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